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Book tickets at cheapest price with American Airlines Fare Calendar

Wondering which is the best time to book flight tickets at the cheapest price? The best and simple way to score the lowest fare is to check the Fare Calendar of your desired airline. If you are thinking about American Airlines for travel, check out this information about every point related to American Airlines Fare Calendar.

But, first start with a brief history of the airline, followed by tips to find the cheapest flights.

Brief History of American Airlines

As of 2019, Texas-based American Airlines is recognized as the second world’s largest airline by the total number of passengers (followed by Southwest, United, and Air France-KLM) but it started as a modest mail carrier. According to the American Airlines website, one of its initial stage pilots made some unique history of his own: “In 1926, Charles Lindbergh flew the first AA flight carrying United States mail from St. Louis to Chicago.”

How American Airline is Different?

American Airlines does things a little different than other carriers, it’s significant to understand that when it comes to booking flights using American Fare Calendar.

Things you should know:

No conventional airfare sales: In 2016, American Airline took a big step by dropped its weekly fare sales and selecting instead of using special deals ad offers that help flyers to earn more miles. But worry not, the carrier still offers affordable prices on competitive routes. So, when you use AA Fare Calendar, look out for the route and deals information.

Seats of Basic Economy now available on specific routes: Like United and Delta, American Airlines has launched a new affordable travel class known as the basic economy. Fares of this class are lower than standard version economy, but travelers are not permitted to bring carry-on baggage aboard the aircraft (it requires to check for a charge). Plus you cannot select your preferred seats (the carrier chooses them for you so be prepared to travel in a lot of middle seats or middle aisle). The basic economy sounds very restrictive and not a deal to handle for everyone. So, it’s advised to compare travel class fare along with American Airlines Fare Calendar, this will help you upgrade your travel class.

Be positive of your travel dates: Most fares of economy class are non-refundable (including standard and basic), and flight change on American Airlines will cost. However, if you want to cancel or modify your trip within 24 hours of booking, you can change or cancel tickets for free of cost. If you are not sure about your plan and there a slight chance of them to change or cancel, either select refundable tickets or the cheapest day to fly from American Fare Calendar.

Not every day is the cheapest day: Sometimes American Airlines offers the cheapest price, sometimes it’ll be Southwest or Sprit. If you want to select the cheapest ticket regardless of the airline, you can compare the airline fare calendar.

Best Time to Purchase Tickets on American Airlines Fare Calendar

Generally speaking, this ‘Best time to buy’ information is true for all United States airlines.

  • Buy flight tickets on Tuesday afternoon, it’s the best time because it’s neither weekend nor start of the week that almost all actions take place.
  • Check American Airlines Fare Calendar to select a good deal.

Reason: Most carriers launch their sales on either second-half of Monday or early Tuesday; by that afternoon, rival airlines have dropped their flight fares on overlapping flight routes, and passengers will have the most options of deals to select from.

Like most of the airline, American Airlines launches its Fare Calendar along with flight schedule as early as possible. This can help passengers to select and compare deals.

How to Find Deals on American Airlines Fare Calendar

Always compare flight fares: On AA Fare Calendar, you can choose the best day to travel along with a suitable travel class.

Select the cheapest days: Mostly on American flights, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday are the cheapest days to travel. On international flights, weekdays are cheaper than weekends. However, this not happen always.

Sign up for fare and deals alerts: This will send you to alert about the best deals and offers on airfare in real-time. The more flexible you can be on travel dates, the better this will work for you.

Travel to bigger airports: American Airlines have several hub airports including Los Angeles, Chicago, New York, and usually a bigger airport means low fare tickets. When checking the prices on American Airlines Fare Calendar, be sure to check the arrival and departure airport.


With these simple steps, you can book the flight tickets at the cheapest price with the help of American Airlines Fare Calendar.